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About this site:

More and more sites on the Internet are devoted to the study of plants. This site is my effort to compile useful botany education resources for the advanced high school (AP-biology) and college level. Internet resources vary in quality, so I have rated sites on a 4-star scale emphasizing educational value, completeness and scientific correctness. Resources are added daily.

Special announcement:

I was on sabbatical from July 1, 1997 through June 30, 1998 to pursue my research. During much of that time, Leigh Fulghum, President of Florida Plants Online, agreed to add links to the "Botanical Link of the Day" site at another URL, until I returned from sabbatical. The links on her site are at URL: http://www.floridaplants.com/Scott/. Leigh's site at http://www.floridaplants.com serves as the home to a growing variety of resources including the Florida Plant Life Resource Library, a Young Naturalist page, and the WWW-VL site on Sustainable Agriculture. Free announcements are provided for Florida Plant and Garden Societies.

Her site would easily have qualified for one of my four-star links (if I weren't on sabbatical!), already recognized as a top resource site by Education Index [ http://www.educationindex.com/award.html] and by Argus Clearinghouse [ http://www.clearinghouse.net/]. In addition to this, the site is also home of a garden store and bookstore online resource. Lots of content, and it's growing daily. Check it out!

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If you wish to learn about my daily selection as soon as it is posted, you might consider joining my listserv, which sends the selection every morning (or so). For full information, please visit the Home Delivery FAQ.

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This service is organized by Scott Russell through the Department of Botany and Microbiology of the University of Oklahoma. If you have any comments for the improvement this page or nominations for links, please contact me by email (srussell@ou.edu) or use the nomination form.